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We're a mother-daughter duo sharing our passion for storytelling and baking one lovely tale at a time.

Iris & Abby

Maileen, Melanie & Emmelyn

These three sisters love to read Lulu Bakes. They can't wait to make the cotton candy cupcake recipe found in the back of the book!

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"My son Connor received Lulu Bakes and did not put it down all afternoon. The following day he asked me to read it to him before school. During the middle of the book, he inturrupted me and said "Mommy, I love this book!"


"I really like reading Lulu Bakes! Tony is my favorite character and I think that his look had a great upgrade! The new illustrations are awesome."


"I made the cotton candy cupcakes using the recipe in the book. I can honestly say that they were the best tasting cupcakes that I've ever made!"



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